Awards are the testing stone of quality; not only that, these tokens of excellence raise the level of the Public Relations efforts throughout the District. The Awards Team has listed an array of awards to aim for and strive at creating points of attention in the various segments & possibilities in the Toastmasters arena.

As mentioned at the onset of this Toastmaster year, we were not just looking for the best in each segment but were keen on creating a brand of equals to choose the first from. The PR Awards Team is thrilled by the enthusiasm we see from the Toastmasters & Clubs; as we sense the level of interest & excellence and also the response, creativity & effort.

There are a set of 19 Awards – 6 Individual Level Awards, 5 Club Level Awards, 4 Area Level Awards & 4 Division Level Awards. Expert Panels of three Toastmasters each have been designated for each of these awards.

The liaison team consists of DTM Nisha Varghese, DTM Bipin Kuriakose & TM Abhinav Daharwal.

Meet The Team

Nisha Varghese

Abhinav Daharwal

Bipin Kuriakose

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