At the start of the current Toastmaster year, the District PR team came up with the incredible idea of bringing out a District Newsletter, one for every division. 14 newsletters in one year!

We all are a part of this remarkable District 105, but how much do we know about the divisions that we don’t belong to? The purpose of these district newsletters is to highlight the inherent spirit, the distinct strengths, the diverse culture, and the uniqueness of each division. Every division has its share of special clubs, innovative practices, and extremely talented and proficient members; and this is what our newsletters aspire to project.

The Newsletter team was formed with 6 of us constituting the editorial unit. To be a part of the core team was a matter of pride but it came with a lot of responsibilities. Though some of us were apprehensive, we gathered the courage and took the leap.

We have already released 3 Newsletters, of Divisions A, B, and C, and the experience so far have been exhilarating.

The whole process starts with us speaking to the Division Director and his core team to get an understanding of the Division. We discover the specialties of the division, identify aspects to be highlighted, and then determine the articles to be written. All the features are penned down by members of the division only and we try to seek budding writers for the same. We proof-read the articles multiple times to ensure that there are no factual or language errors. Finally, with his technical and creative expertise, our designer gives a magical touch to each newsletter. The draft is then shared with the Division team for verification before we release it.

The amazing camaraderie we have developed over the last 4 months, has made our work immensely enjoyable. Our greatest reward though is the opportunity to interact with different people from other divisions.

Amy Poehler, the famous American actress had once quoted, “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

Meet The Team

Sowmya Rangarajan

Saro Tharyan

Padmaja Dilipkumar

Shilpa Shreemanth

Radha Hari

Ruchi Undevia

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