Division A - Shalini Menezes, DTM

Director | Division A

Shalini Menezes, DTM

“To desire is to obtain, to aspire is to achieve”,

James Allen

As we begin the year as a newly formed district, it truly is a proud moment for all of us. We, as toastmasters, have traversed many paths, crossed many hurdles and achieved at times the impossible. The reason for these magnanimous milestone moments are only because we chose to keep our aspirations alive in this trajectory.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get entangled up in the hustle and bustle, keep striving for instant gratification and quick results with immediate success. My firm belief, is true progress lies not in the speed of our actions, but in the direction, we choose to move in. This is something that we as a team will keep reminding ourselves of, the speed at which we progress would be secondary as compared with the direction in which we move, in the journey to aspire what we as a team have set to achieve.

The word Instant does ring a bell, for that adrenalin feel, however, what I aspire to achieve is sustainability and deep sense of commitment. This is a journey that would focus more on quality rather than quantity as we consistently move steps in our goal to aspire what we will surely achieve.

To, all dear toastmasters, breathe in, assess, evaluate and deep dive into the steps each one of us would take along this journey. Accept the roadmap with its peaks and valleys, acknowledge the challenges, inculcate patience and am sure in time, we will not only ace the pace, we will eventually achieve what we aspired to achieve.

Remember, we all have that magic inside us, and with spreading this pixie dust, am sure together we can and we will achieve all that we aspired to, in this journey and onwards.

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