Wield the Power of Language

The Oxford Dictionary defines language as “the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.” Language is the thread that binds humanity. It enables us to give shape and structure to our thoughts, to express and exchange our ideas, and to voice our emotions and opinions.

Open Avenues with A High-Performance Leadership Project

The High-Performance Leadership project or HPL as we commonly refer to it, is an action-oriented program that helps members develop their leadership skills in real-life situations outside the club. It involves leading a team through an extended period of time to achieve certain aspired goals.  An HPL no doubt lays emphasis on leadership, but its success relies heavily on effective communication too.

The Sixth Sense and Leadership

Most of us have experienced at some time or the other, the persistent knock of intuitive thoughts, the nagging presence of a gut feeling. We have heard of people with distinctive powers of intuition or a Sixth Sense, heeding to their inner voices. It is said that great leaders have an acute Sixth Sense that helps them look beyond the obvious and make decisions that do not follow conventional thinking. There is a mystique about them, and such people are held in the highest, and sometimes, reverential esteem. It is also true that they are often branded as unpredictable, mercurial, or even as mavericks.

Virtual World- Pushing the Envelope

The year 2020, changed almost everything in our lives, including the way we conducted Toastmasters meetings. Covid-19 struck and we were forced to move into the world of virtual meetings. We struggled to select the right platform and understand the mechanism of virtual meetings, but we finally succeeded.